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About Us


Founded in 2008, Next Advanced Medicine has been a leader in the fields of Physical Medicine and Functional Medicine.


Next Advanced Medicine is committed to the fields of Physical and Functional Medicine. One of the major points of emphasis for Next Advanced Medicine is to provide alternatives to patients who continue to suffer from chronic and degenerative health care problems. Drugs can be essential for the treatment of many illnesses, but in the fields of Physical Medicine and Functional Medicine, they are typically not the primary focus. Physical Medicine often provides a longer term solution designed to get to the root cause of an individuals problems while fostering the healing ability of each patient. See more on Physical Medicine here.


Due to her own health problems, Dr. Hall began delving into Functional Medicine. The idea of taking medication to somehow get rid of a chronic disease did not ring true to her. She has a great understanding of the underlying physiology of the body and how that effects and manifests differently in each patient. At the time, her body was not working properly and she did not feel the drugs she was prescribed were going to do anything but suppress her symptoms and possibly make her worse. Within 16 months, with the principles of Functional Medicine, her health condition went into remission. This is what started her mission into helping people find other options. Her interest was to promote the clinical model of Functional Medicine as she considers it to be the wave of the future in health care. See more about Functional Medicine including treatment for Diabetes here.



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