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Our Staff


Neil K. Hersh, M.D.

neil-hershDr. Hersh attended Yale College and University of Chicago, completing medical school at the University of Chicago. His postgraduate training included Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology. He has practiced in southern California since 1986. Dr. Hersh's current practice focuses on physical rehabilitation and pain management. He enjoys collaborating with chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and massage practitioners. Dr. Hersh embraces a "holistic approach" to wellness, which includes nutritional support, dietary supplements, regular and varied exercise, and numerous forms of "alternative and complimentary" healthcare modalities. Dr. Hersh also utilizes advanced diagnostic techniques, including the performance of small pain fiber nerve conduction studies, a painless test which is able to identify the cause of nerve pain and allows for precisely targeted rehabilitation, towards the "root cause" of the patient's pain.





Candice Hall, D.C. - Chief of Staff


Candice Hall started off her education with a B.S. in Human Biology followed by a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic where she graduated with Honors while on the Dean's list. Shortly after this, she became a member of the CCA. Next was an award for Physician of the Year in 2005 from the NRCC and in addition to becoming a board member of Corazon De Vida Foundation for which she has been on for 18 years. She also has 14 years of post graduate education in Functional Medicine.


She started her professional career with the treatment of the spine. After a short period of time, it became clear to her that the many of her patients dealing with chronic back and neck pain would only get temporary relief from many different types of treatment to include massage, chiropractic care, drugs or physical therapy. However, she found the patient's pain would often return. Of primary concern was the fact that there was very rarely any change in the patient's x-rays after treatment. The spine is one of the strongest structures in the body but when it alters position due to repetitive stress or injury this altered position can become permanent and cause dysfunction. This is when she began looking for a solution. Working with muscle memory (the connection between the brain and the muscles attaching to the spine) can restore the original position of the spine prior to damage. This is clearly evidenced by before and after x-rays that are nothing short of remarkable.


Due to her own health problems, she began working with Functional Medicine. The idea of taking medication to somehow get rid of a chronic disease did not ring true to her. She had a great understanding of the underlying physiology of the body. Her organ systems were not working properly and she did not feel the drugs she was being prescribed were going to do anything but suppress her symptoms and possibly make her worse. Within 16 months she was able to completely change how she felt and functioned. This is what started her mission into helping people find another option: Functional Medicine. She sees patients very frustrated moving from one doctor to another trying to find the cause of their symptoms or if they have a diagnosis frustrated with taking more and more medication with no real improvement in many cases.



Sabrina Hinkis M.S.


Sabrina Hinkis M.S. is a Nutrition Scientist with a masters in Human Nutrition. She obtained her Masters from Cal Poly Pomona and a Bachelor of Science Degree in food technology. She is a member of Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine. Sabrina completed advance training in Nutrition Therapy for Autism, and ADHD as well as Cancer and Cardiovascular Health from the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.