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Dr. Candice Hall speaks to the Nutrition Hero


  Dr. Hall interviews with Dr. Watts

Beating Diabetes - Daily Herald


daily-herald-thumbNeedle pricks, blood-testing meters, oral medications and even regular insulin injections are an unfortunate part of everyday life for the 350 million people throughout the world diagnosed with diabetes. Of that number, 90 percent suffer from Type 2, the most prevalent form of the disease.

With more and more people, including the 29 million Americans with some version of diabetes, being diagnosed every year, the World Health Organization's annual World Health Day is centered around the disease for the 2016 celebration on Thursday. "Beating Diabetes" is the theme of this year's event as WHO strives to halt the rise of this disease across the globe.

"The increase in the incidence of diabetes is troubling to all of us in the healthcare community," said Chris Adams, dietary manager of Draper Rehabilitation and Care. "At Draper Rehabilitation and Care, we pay close attention to our menu selections and encourage all of our residents to stay active and see their doctor regularly."

In honor of World Health Day's "Beating Diabetes" quest, Candice Hall, D.C., a physician with Next Advanced Medicine, shared four practical ways to prevent Type 2 diabetes in your family. Not only will these four tips help you prevent the disease, they also will help improve the overall health and happiness of you and your entire family...






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OC Register Metro Article


oc-register-metro-articleAs the team behind NEXT MEDICINE (formerly OC Medical), an Irvine-based physical medicine practice,  and Dr. Candice Hall, D.C., put their 45 years of collective experience into discovering the cause behind chronic and degenerative diseases. By reversing type II diabetes and ameliorating the symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases such as hypothyroid conditions, they enable patients to reduce or live without medications.


"Many patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases, whether diabetes or hypothyroid, find themselves very frustrated because they commonly see themselves getting worse with time not better." says Dr. Hall.


With comprehensive testing and diagnosis, the team looks at every aspect of disease to find the underlying cause and discover why each person has lost good health.. Working with physicians, the team customizes treatment plans for each patient to reverse disease, rather than attempt to manage the symptoms of disease. This innovative, clinical approach has had a tremendous impact on patients' lives, allowing them to reclaim their health and their future.


"I've been in practice since 1989, and functional medicine has been the largest paradigm shift I've seen in its approach to health versus illness, and patient optimization and wellness. It offers palpable advantages over traditional allopathic medicine, and its effects are readily realized by patient and practitioner alike. I strongly encourage those disenchanted with their medical care to explore this arena," says Dr. Hersh.


The clinical directors want patients to know type II diabetes is reversible. Patients have been able to reverse their disease, reduce and eliminate medicine and insulin injections, lose weight without exercise and radical diets, reduce and eliminate the risks for diabetic complications and an early death, and even become non-diabetic.

Through education, Next Medicine is making a difference: it hosts multiple dinner talks to inform patients about diabetes, and works with Doctors for Health and Wellness, a nonprofit that educates the public about various diseases."





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Did you know at this very moment you could have diabetes?

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, out of the 29 million Americans with diabetes, 1 in 4 don't know they have the disease. But as thousands of new cases of diabetes are diagnosed each year, the prognosis is grim. A newly diagnosed diabetic faces a future of pills, vague fitness and nutrition plans and no real answers for effective treatment...


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