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Free Diabetes Seminar

Have you been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes? 

Did you know it is possible to reverse diabetes**? 

Come to our FREE seminar to learn how we have helped hundreds of patients reverse their diabetes,

eliminate the need for medications, and improve quality of life! *Individual Results will vary.

**See peer-reviewed journal articles on the Clinical Reversal of Diabetes at the bottom of this page.




Call NOW to qualify 1-800-741-8946


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You will receive tickets and directions to the seminar once your registration is complete.



Curious about the seminar?
Watch Videos from Recent Seminar Attendees!

Adeline C, September 2017

Individual Results Vary*

Sheila, September 2017

Individual Results Vary*

Mark M, September 2017

Individual Results Vary*

Justin Worsham, September 2017

Individual Results Vary*


*Testimonials were voluntarily given by seminar attendees at Next Advanced Medicine; they were not paid for nor provided with free services or benefits in exchange for statements. The testimonials are representative of the individual patient experience. Results will vary across individual’s.

 **Type 2 Diabetes has been shown to be reversed in randomized controlled trials, as reported in this peer-reviewed medical journal article by Gregg et al., (2012) Journal article on Reversing Diabetes (JAMA).  Another peer reviewed study by Lim et al., (2011) on the Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes in the journal Diabetologia, showed that insulin sensitivity and beta cell function were normalized with dietary energy restriction. In addition, a report published on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website, written by the American Diabetes Association, acknowledges that the remission of type 2 diabetes has been observed in several clinical studies, and seeks to define and distinguish the cure or remission of diabetes in this article Definition of remission of diabetes by American Diabetes Association (2009).

Learn more about NEXT ADVANCED MEDICINE's approach to diabetes management:
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