My name is Diane Schumaker, I was feeling sluggish and tired before I started the program. When I’d get home from work I just wanted to sit on my couch and go to sleep.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but they tested me and my A1C was 7.7. So I had heard about this program many times on KFI, not that I’m plugging them but I do listen. So I decided to call up and go to one of their seminars. It was just so moving to go to because everyone had such a great story of how it changed their life, and how long they’d been on these drugs for over 15 years, and fortunately, thank god I never was.

I immediately got signed up. I fortunately got signed up with Dr. Haleh. Don’t let her beauty fool you, she is very smart, she kept me going through this whole thing. Giving up cereal in the morning, giving up pasta, rice, bread – everything I love to eat, just getting rid of it, not drinking milk. Now I am through the program, my A1C is 5.5 now, all my levels on everything are perfect. I feel so blessed I never had to be on a drug. The day I found out, I came here. I didn’t go to another doctor or do anything else. I know the healthy way is the best way. I am thankful for everything everyone has done here, everyone is happy, friendly, and supportive when you come in. So I think you are going to love it, don’t hesitate, come on down! – Diane, S. 11/15/2017

Youtube video testimony link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G03Kup1V3EQ

Diane Schumaker (after)

Diane Schumaker (before)

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