A Sad Story with a Happy Ending.

Once upon a time there was this married couple who thought they could do whatever they wanted, eat whatever they pleased, and still live long and vibrant lives (they obviously lived in a bubble) because their health care provider kept them well supplied with drugs.

They would hear a radio commercial on talk radio Los Angeles bragging about how the elderly father reversed his Type II diabetes.  While mildly interested, they found themselves distracted by other of life’s temptations, so ignored the warning flags.

Both were Type II diabetics.  But her, by simply popping more and more pills and injecting insulin, no problems, right?  The list of pills and quantity of insulin got bigger and bigger, and so did they….

That was when she finally got the stink eye from her Kaiser doctor.  Her kidneys were in stage 3 failure. The cause?  The diabetes AND the related medications.  She knew if she continued down this path, in short time it would cost her dearly.  Nobody wants kidney dialysis the remainder of their life !!!!

So this time, she listened closer to the commercial.

The adventure started by attending a dinner seminar (hey, it’s on their dime) and listening to their program and philosophies and success stories.   Quite enlightening.  Being lifetime, well read “dieters”, they recognized many truths to their claims.   These were people in far worse shape whose results were undeniably impressive.

They signed up and checked their pride, gluttony and denial at the door.


The first office visit we were introduced to our respective practitioners. This is team approach using both traditional medicine and alternative (homeopathic) approaches .  My new practitioner, Dr Bosler, very easy to talk to and ask questions, prescribed the nutritional supplements while my primary physician at Kaiser adjusted my medicines as we progressed.

Mind you, my Kaiser professionals frowned on these alternative methods.  At the same time, they are now in disbelief yet praise me over the results.

Back to NEXT.

First on the agenda…baselines.  There were a gamut of blood, urine, saliva, and stool tests done to see exactly what we were dealing with and how to proceed, mine being seriously wacked up kidneys, hormonal imbalances, cortisol problems, intestinal yeast issues, glucose intolerance, and of course weight, and lastly, hidden food sensitivities (not allergies, causing the inflammation that leads to all these conditions).

Then we were given a very restrictive 2 page list of foods we could and could not eat.  We were asked to stop taking our own vitamin supplements and only take their nutritional formulas.  I found myself lugging a bag full of supplements and two canisters of a powdered drink mix that would start me on the first 4-weeks, a detox program, and wondering HOW THE HECK I was going to prepare these foods and stay sane.

Thankfully, the powdered drink was tasty (chocolate !) and was loaded with nutrients and fiber.  You are advised to eat 6x a day, meals of organic proteins, vegetables and a small amount of fruit, and no counting calories or measuring.  Just eat until full.  Doing this, I dropped 7 lbs the first week.

Another team member, dietician Theresa, was at our disposal at all times, even by phone or email.  The first thing she did was take us on a 1+ hour trip to the grocery to introduce us to a new way of shopping and what we need to look for on food labels.  Then, told us to empty our cupboards at home.  Sigh.

First day…shocking for me who has been on a moderately high dose of nighttime insulin for at least 4-5 years, I needed to stop all insulin immediately.  I kid you not, one day on *their* meal plan of no starchy carbs or sugar, and the insulin was no longer a necessity.  I have not needed one drop since.

Other than the substantive up front costs for this service, the other cost to us is a 45 min drive each way for our appointments over the 6 months.  But even that is negotiable, as they advocate using Skype as an alternative.  Of course, during this period you are building new habits and hopefully entertaining the fear of God that you will not insult your body by becoming diabetic ever again.

6 months later…THE RESULTS ARE IN.  Kidneys functioning normally, blood pressure normal, cholesterol levels normal, all my other test results are normal or nearly normal, and the collateral weight loss brings tears to my eyes.  My previous medicines?  Some are completely eliminated, a few linger but in far lower doses.

We continue on this new path, even went on a long vacation, after we finished the program, without skipping a beat.  Imagine going on vacation and the weight continues to drop.  I am ecstatic over my new energy levels, physical abilities, and the huge bags of clothes I have donated to Goodwill.

Was it worth it?  Absolutely.

Beginning Date: 3/29/17 End Date: 9/18/17
Beginning Weight: 255 P. / Current Weight: 224 P.
Beginning A1C: 8.1 / Current A1C: 6.3

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