My name is ray Janssen, I heard about Next on the radio. And I followed up to the radio ad because I was seeing my general practitioner and he was threatening to put me on insulin. I was on an Invocamet program and heading for insulin and wasn’t real happy with what was going on there. And I heard about the program so I came down and went to the presentation and I was quite impressed.

So I signed up and it has been a great program. Before the program, I was not feeling bad, but when I first got diagnosed with Type 2, my A1C was up around 13, but I was really what I would call “pounding sugar”. I was eating a lot of sugar and a lot of breads and things like that. So I started doing diabetic kinds of things and it got down to 7.7, which is where it was when I started the program. Within just a couple months, it was down into the 6 range, which was really impressive to me.

The program is really awesome, if you are considering it, I would say, DO IT! And don’t cheat. Do it! Just follow through with it, do everything that they tell you to do and the results are amazing. Just amazing. I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure numbers have gone down, my blood sugar numbers went down.

I’ve been in the program now for six months and everything has gotten better. From starting the program, until now, everything has gotten better. All of my numbers in my blood panel across the board are almost completely normal. So it’s been a huge, huge change. The staff has been amazing. They are all friendly, they are all very knowledgeable and everyone is very informative. I find it to be a great program, and like I said, do what they say! Don’t cheat, do what they say because they know best, really. If I can say this, this has been the biggest change for me, once I took the sugar out of my diet for 45 days, if I ate anything with a little bit of sugar in it, either on accident or maybe just for a small test, it was amazing how quickly I could tell what things had sugar in them. You begin to notice things immediately when things are not really good for you. And that was the most amazing change to me, was that I could feel immediately when I was eating really healthy food and not healthy food.

My significant other is the biggest skeptic in the world, and the doctor talk, she was amazed and impressed. So it was a big relief for me because when she agreed to be my support person, we both eat much better, we cook much better, we eat a lot more meals at home than we ever did. The whole program has been awesome; I just can’t say it enough. It has just been great. Overall, if you just do what you are told and suggested, it is amazing how much better you will feel. And when they say that you will get 10 to 15 more years of more quality life, I truly believe that now. Because I just feel better, I feel so much better. I feel healthier. And it’s proven in my blood work. It’s just awesome.

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