Dr. Candice Hall is bringing her knowledge of functional medicine and nutritional based healthcare to the Keiro Symposium on Oct. 5th. As their keynote speaker, Dr. Hall will discuss the value of treating the contributing factors and causations of chronic and degenerative diseases, not just treating the symptoms. 


Dr. Hall specializes in functional medicine which focuses on using integrative therapies to put the patient at the center of their treatment plan. Functional and integrative medicine aims to restore and manage a patient’s health and wellness across an entire lifespan. We address a broad range of physical, nutritional, emotional, mental and environmental influences that can be negatively impacting one’s health.


By shifting the focus off of the disease and redirecting our efforts towards the patient, Dr. Hall has found it leads to improved health in the long term. Our collective goal is to find the source of the problem and provide lasting wellness through personalized healthcare solutions and achievable lifestyle changes.

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