Doctors will share how functional medicine can reverse diabetes, auto-immune disease, thyroid conditions, cognitive decline, and early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

Tustin, California—February 13, 2020—Dr. Candice Hall, D.C., and Dr. Wayne Greathouse, D.C., will address physicians, thought leaders and attendees at the National Health & Wellness Summit taking place April 24–25 at the InterContinental Los Angeles Century City at Beverly Hills. The annual event highlights the latest breakthroughs in functional, integrative, metabolic and holistic approaches to health and wellness.

National Health & Wellness Summit - 2020

“It is my passion to educate people on the power of Functional Medicine and to provide hope and real solutions to people that are trying to get well,” said Dr. Hall. “The National Health & Wellness Summit is leading the charge to educate, inspire, and empower individuals and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Dr. Hall will present a pair of topics during the two-day seminar. The first will be a discussion that breaks down the root cause and treatment of diabetes. From the cellular level up, Dr. Hall will discuss sub-types of diabetes, the shortcomings of conventional drug treatment and case studies that demonstrate a measurable reversal of the illness.

In her second address, Dr. Hall will focus on thyroid conditions, biotoxin illness and autoimmune disease. Drawing on her own firsthand experiences, Dr. Hall will share the signs and symptoms associated with the disorders. Attendees will learn about the types and causes of the conditions, along with how to overturn them with proven methods.

Dr. Greathouse will speak on cognitive decline and early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. “In America alone, there are nearly six million people suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s dementia,” notes Dr. Greathouse. “My goal is to identify the symptoms, sub-types and causes of Alzheimer’s disease. From there, I’ll lead a conversation based on research and case studies that shines a light on ways to prevent or overcome cognitive decline and early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.”

Dr. Hall

Dr. Hall and Dr. Greathouse treat patients at Next Advanced Medicine in Orange County, California. They specialize in helping people with chronic or degenerative symptoms regain full control of their symptoms and develop customized, achievable lifestyle changes.

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Dr. Greathouse

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