Dr. Zach Bush, M.D. is one of the few triple board certified physicians in the world.  I have been waiting to hear his opinion on Covid-19, and here it is!  Enjoy this fascinating interview with one of the most respected doctors of our time.
There has been mixed information floating around not only on the internet but on the news. Many doctors like myself and many of my esteemed colleagues find ourselves perplexed by the decisions being made and the information being disseminated by our government officials and that of the CDC and WHO.  I will continue to put links on this website and our Facebook page that seem to match the research we are seeing on Pubmed.
One of the doctors that I have followed for many years is Dr. Zach Bush. Dr. Bush is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the world and is often referred to as the “Einstein of medicine” among many of us in the functional medicine world. I have referred to some of his groundbreaking research in a couple of my books. I have been keeping my eye out to see what his opinions were on the current virus. Another doctor sent this interview to me recently. His explanations about what is really happening with this virus and the actions we need to take have made more sense than anything I have seen so far.
I hope you find the interview to be helpful in clarifying the current situation as it relates to your health.
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