Diabetes and pre-diabetes are epidemic and increasing in the United States and around the world. According to the CDC 2020 statistics, 34.2 million Americans or 10.5% of US population are diabetic and 88 million folks have pre-diabetes or 34.5% of the population, which means that 45% of Americans have either diabetes or pre-diabetes.

In this podcast, Dr. Weitz interviews Dr. Hall on a number of topics ranging from the causes of Type 2 diabetes, diagnostic tests used to find the root causes of disease, environmental toxins and biotoxin illness, dietary and supplement considerations, intermittent fasting, and other strategies the team at Next Advanced Medicine is using to reverse Type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Dr. Hall explains what is happening in the body of a diabetic, “Think of the cell as having a doorway for insulin and the insulin has to open the door, and that’s what lets the glucose in. Well, sometimes there’s so much circulating insulin, it’s kind of like a key, when you wear out a lock by using a key over and over and over again, the key doesn’t work anymore.  So essentially, that’s what is happening to the cells with insulin. The insulin can’t open the door because the key doesn’t work anymore, so the body is then having to produce more and more insulin.”

Dr. Hall describes the questions and process they go through with a new patient at Next Advanced Medicine.  “Well, I start by just asking them when did they get it. I do like to see if there’s a family history of the disease, but that’s not nearly as important to me as their environment and their habits.  Are they a truck driver?  Are they sitting in smog every day? Are they commuting on the 405 or the 5 Freeway? Are they working in a carpet factory? What is their environment and what kind of toxins are they around? That’s one of my first questions.  I always like to see where they grew up, if they grew up somewhere on a farm where there was a lot of pesticides.  Did they have a lot of antibiotic use?  Those are areas where I start. I like to see if they have a thyroid problem. Thyroid problems can lead to diabetes and vice versa.  So those are the types of questions I like to start with.”

Whether you suffer from diabetes, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, or any number of other chronic and degenerative disorders, Next Advanced Medicine is dedicated to finding the cause your physical condition and working to restore your health. The team of medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths and nutrition scientists focuses on treating the whole patient; considering the complex confluence of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that affects disease progression and heal.

No matter what type of chronic or degenerative symptoms you’re facing, Next Advanced Medicine can help you gain full control of your symptoms and develop customized, achievable lifestyle changes.

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