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Dr. Candice Hall, D.C.

In the last 50 years, chronic degenerative diseases have exploded. Seventy-two percent of our population will die of chronic disease. Instead of managing the symptoms with medication, functional medicine explores why a person is getting a disease and the ways we can treat it. When you dig deep with a patient through extensive testing, you can locate the cause and customize a heal plan to reverse that condition.

Dr. Candice Hall, D.C.

Dr. Candice Hall is an author, speaker and authority on integrative and functional medicine. Drawing on two decades of postdoctoral training in functional endocrinology and clinical nutrition, she captivates audiences with firsthand experiences and impactful insights.

A dynamic and engaging keynote speaker, Dr. Hall has a passion for helping people with chronic or degenerative symptoms regain full control of their symptoms, eliminate medication dependency, and develop customized, achievable lifestyle changes. Her goal is to educate people today so that they won’t be sick tomorrow.

As the founder and CEO of Next Advanced Medicine, a functional medicine practice in Orange County, California, Dr. Hall is ahead of her time when it comes to preventative medicine.

She leads an interdisciplinary team of medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, and nutrition scientists to reverse the root causes of chronic diseases including:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline
  • Thyroid Conditions and Autoimmunity
  • Biotoxin Illness

Committed to reaching as many people as she can with her transformational message of hope, Dr. Hall seeks opportunities to educate the public at free live events. Whether you’re expecting an audience of 40 or 400, a keynote from Dr. Hall will make your next event a success.

Dr. Candice Hall’s Popular Programs:

Reversing Diabetes with Functional Medicine

  • The root causes of diabetes
  • The biology of how diabetics worsen over time
  • Breaking down diabetes at a cellular level
  • Sub-types of diabetes
  • Traditional prescription heals can cause diabetics to get worse
  • Common drugs, including insulin, may not be helping
  • What is insulin resistance?
  • A unique clinical approach to reverse the root cause of diabetes
  • Live healthy without insulin or prescription medications
  • Case studies demonstrating the reversal of diabetes

Reversing Cognitive Decline and Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Statistics on the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Signs and symptoms of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Stages of Alzheimer’s disease
  • The social infection: late diagnoses
  • Sub-types of Alzheimer’s disease and causes
  • Top six threats to your brain
  • Why memory loss is not normal at any age
  • Research and case studies from thousands of individuals
  • How to find out if you’re on the Alzheimer’s spectrum
  • Preventing and reversing cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease

Reversing Thyroid Conditions, Biotoxin Illness, and Autoimmune Disease

  • Signs and symptoms of thyroid disorder and biotoxin illness
  • Why people continue to suffer despite prescription medications
  • True cause of thyroid disorders uncovered
  • Why certain patients cannot lose weight despite diet and exercise and what can be done about it
  • Root causes of thyroid disorders and autoimmunity
  • Types of autoimmune conditions
  • Environmental toxins, biotoxins, and food affects our health
  • How to reverse chronic conditions
  • Case studies from patients that have reversed their illness

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