Functional Medicine

An integrative, functional approach to healthcare

At Next Advanced Medicine, we shift the focus of healthcare from the disease to the patient. That means we devote considerable time and attention to learning about the underlying causes of your symptoms, instead of simply managing the symptoms themselves. We provide a customized program for each individual patient based on extensive testing. Our goal is to find the source of the problem and provide lasting wellness through personalized healthcare solutions and achievable lifestyle changes.

We rely on an integrative, functional approach to medicine. Functional medicine is medicine that focuses on extensive testing of the patient to understand the disease process and to achieve true health and vitality, not simply mitigate disease symptoms.

Next Advanced Medicine also looks for opportunities to reduce or eliminate dependence on prescription drugs and surgery-based solutions. Traditional medicine revolves around drugs and surgery, but drugs and surgery don’t identify the root of your symptoms or help you eliminate them.

For example, diabetes, due to its degenerative nature, will get worse with time but can be slowed down and managed with medication.

Many patients are frustrated with their disease because, despite their best efforts, they continue to have to take one drug after another.

But Integrative, functional medicine allows us to ask

The Why Questions:

Why is my diabetes getting worse?

Why do I need more and more medicine to treat my disease?

Why am I not educating myself on what changes I need to make to my diet and exercise habits?


“Many diabetic patients are eating oatmeal for breakfast thinking it’s healthy for them.”

“I wish doctors would sit down with a newly diagnosed diabetic patient and tell them, ‘you have a disease, where what you put in your mouth will kill you. It can take your eyes, your kidneys, and your limbs. It will rob you of a quality life.’ If you had lung cancer, wouldn’t you expect your doctor to tell you to stop smoking?”

 Conditions that Respond Well to a

Functional Medicine Approach

Next Advanced Medicine specializes in reversing a wide range of chronic and degenerative disorders and diseases, ranging from low-grade pain to life-threatening medical conditions.

Autoimmune Disorders
Thyroid Disease
Hormonal Imbalances

Chronic Inflammation
Musculoskeletal Pain

Diagnostic Testing

Next Advanced Medicine customizes diagnostic testing for each individual patient to ensure we can design the most effective, customizable heal plan possible. Diagnostic tests we use include:

Antibody testing to determine cause of inflammation/autoimmunity

Saliva testing for the endocrine (hormonal) system
Cyrex testing
DNA stool testing
Genetic testing
Extensive blood testing
Orthopedic testing
Natural joint and trigger point injections
Digital X-ray
Customized diet and nutrition plan based on results
Nutrient deficiency testing
Toxin exposure testing
Heavy metal testing

Lifestyle Training

The healthcare professionals at Next Advanced Medicine believe in not only treating patients, but also teaching you how to improve your health through customized lifestyle management training and strategies that are practical and achievable. Lifestyle training includes:

Breaking long-term bad habits
Retraining sleep patterns
Creating customized diet plans
Nutrition support and guidance
Grocery store tours

Establishing exercise routines

Educating patients about chemicals and toxins that may trigger or exacerbate their condition


Next Advanced Medicine takes pride in providing patients and the general community with the latest research and resources in functional medicine, treating chronic illness, and healing diabetes. Our interdisciplinary team of doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, and functional medicine practitioners are dedicated to providing each patient with the knowledge and support they need to heal their disease and live a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, we provide free health education seminars for individuals suffering from diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, and auto-immune disease. Prospective patients are required to attend one of our seminars as the first step in their journey with us. Individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmunity, or chronic illness are qualified to attend.

Seminar attendees consistently say they learn more about their disease at the seminar, than they have throughout their entire lifetime. Our seminars are provided free of charge to those that qualify to attend. Please call 888-585-4099 to make a reservation.

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