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For me, the unusual lack of pain, the much higher energy level and the feeling of incredibly good health, without sugar or carb cravings, was worth the work and the cost of this program!!!!! As an added benefit, I happened to lose weight fairly easily, after the initial detox phase. Great health is vital, in order to have the kind of life I want, and my family deserves!

KP Ahava


If you are looking for a doctor who cares about your well-being, your health, and your LIFE…It’s Dr. Candice Hall. She is constantly exploring new methods to provide to her patients. I have seen it first hand. Next Advanced Medicine lives up to their name!

Mitchel Bohi


I’ve had nothing but positive experiences seeing Dr. Hall and Dr. Greathouse. I feel better and know heal without all the pharmaceuticals is a better choice for my overall health. They are professionals but also truly care about your wellbeing.

Jodi Hemry


I went from A1C of 7.2 to 5.3 and eliminating all Diabetic Medicine, and cholesterol medicine.
I signed up for this program because of my diabetes and reduction of kidney function, and I am happy to see improvement of my kidney function as a well, I highly recommended this program and feel I got more then my money worth out of this program.

Lasse Andersson


Very helpful, my A1c wouldn’t go below 7.5. It is now 6.2 in one month, bp down too.

Darrell Bergman

Local Guide, ★★★★★

My advice to others would be, Try it
I was depressed and worried about my high numbers my A1c was 12.6 and elevating daily before I started the program. I also had a lot of tingling and numbness. Now I feel more relaxed and happy, my energy level has been consistently better. My A1c is now 7.7, and I am aspiring to reach an A1c of 5.0 with the help of the maintenance program. My diet and overall health has improved and I feel great. The staff is an excellent support team. My advice to others would be, Try it, you have a life to live.



Before I started the program, my blood sugar numbers were fluctuating a lot and that was a concern to me. My first wife died from complications due to diabetes, and I did not want to go through those complications. I made up my mind that I was not going to lose my eyesight or have any amputations. One of the worst things, in my mind, is losing your independence. In the beginning, I was sleepy and had low energy. I was missing that ability to get up and go. Exercise made me tired. Now, my blood sugar numbers have stabilized. I feel good. I have more energy and more mental clarity. My A1c was 6.8 when I started and now it is down to 6.2. Everybody has been excellent, from the front desk staff to Sabrina. To anyone considering the program, I would say, You have to do it, do not put a price on your health.



My energy levels are off the charts!
Before the program my cholesterol was high and my diabetes medicine was at 2000 mg, which was enormous. And then they told me I was at risk as a heart patient. So, after hearing the seminar, I got excited, I said I am going to fix this. And so, as we went through the program, I learned a lot about my health and the changes that I made as far as my diet, and I have lost 30 pounds! My Metformin that I was taking was down to a very low level, I am waiting for the doctor to approve me as non-diabetic, because my A1C was 7.4 and now it is 5.6, which are non-diabetic numbers, and I am just elated about it! Everything about the program has just changed my life. 
I am excited about it and I look forward to the next journey. All of those things I had read about diabetes and what it could cause, and then my doctor told me I was at risk again for heart failure. I said, no, no, no, no, no. We have to change this. And so now that I have gone through the program, I dont have to worry about that. And I am just so excited about it! I was really sluggish before the program and now that I have gone through the program and changed a lot of the way I eat, and the way I exercise, my energy levels are off the charts! I think this is a great program. I think that the staff is fantastic, very courteous and very loving and nice. A very nice program to go through for anybody who is feeling like they are kind of up in the air and not really sure, this is a program to get rid of that diabetes once and for all! Go to the seminar! The seminar got me, I listened to the radio advertising for this Next Advanced Medicine program, and I was skeptical as anyone else would be. But, after going to that seminar, I was done. I was sold. I was in 100%.



I found that this team of people are very professional and very friendly. I am 58 years old and have finally found that these people can really help me. My diabetes has been out of control for years. With Next Avdvance Medecine I have found a true advocate in helping me with this debilitating disease. A big thank you to the Next Advance Medecine staff!

Randall Perez


Smartest doctors I’ve ever met. Years of chronic problems that nobody could figure out but they figure it out !! Nicest group of people who totally care about their patients. Can’t say enough about this place

Jordan Hall


I just completed 6 months at Next Advanced Medicine. I am non diabetic and they found out I have a propensity for an auto immune disease called husimoto with my thyroid. After consulting with my new doctor and going over the blood work they conclusion is no more grain or dairy for me. (That’s really hard) but without it I am healthy and full of energy. Thank you Dr.
Vaughn and Dr. Candi and all of the staff at Next Advanced medicine you guys gave me my life back

Update finished my program with them Sept 2017ish…my a1c was 5.3 just had my a1c retested and it is now 5.5 however this is my doing not there in January my a1c was 5.2 I was not following my diet like I should and boy have I felt it.(wheat now makes me itch when I eat it) Sorry Dr. Vaughan. I am still so grateful to New advance medicine. P.s I have been sticking to the diet and know I will get that number down quickly.

Kathi Maynard-Abbey


Next advanced medicine is my life saver. I have been diabetic for over 20years. At one point my sugar was over 500 and i almost died leaving my children without there mom. I was in denial. Thanks to the staff at next advanced medicine, they made me see the light. After 3 1/2 months I went from a 9.1 a1c1 to 6.7. I have lost 26 pounds. I never thought at 44 years old I would b wearing a size 11 and weighing 168 pounds. I never thought this would b possible. As I’m writing this with tears in my eyes, I just want to say thank you to the bottom of my heart. I am so thankful to have a second chance in life. Today I continue to enjoy my children and my grandchildren. You only live once, make the right decision…….I know I did. God bless.

Tina Hughes


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