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At Next Advanced Medicine, we shift the focus of healthcare from the disease to the patient. That means we devote considerable time and attention to learning about the underlying causes of your symptoms, instead of simply managing the symptoms themselves. We provide a customized program for each individual patient based on extensive testing.

Our goal is to find the source of the problem and provide lasting wellness through personalized healthcare solutions and achievable lifestyle changes. We rely on an integrative, functional approach to medicine.  Functional medicine is medicine that focuses on extensive testing of the patient to understand the disease process and to achieve true health and vitality, not simply mitigate disease symptoms.

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Select the event below that is most convenient to you and join us for a FREE informational event where you’ll learn about the causes for your chronic illness and how our approach is unique.

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Reclaim Your Life From Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Live Event


Kick Hypothyroidism to the Curb

Thyroid, Autoimmune, and Biotoxin Illness Live Event


Restore Cognitive Function & Beat Cognitive Decline!

Cognitive Decline Live Event


Biotoxin Illness Could be the Cause of Your Mystery Symptoms

Thyroid, Autoimmune, and Biotoxin Illness Live Event

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