What’s Holding You Back from Discovering the Secrets to Reversing Your

Type 2 Diabetes

Does your type 2 diabetes have your life under lock and key?

Are you finding it so difficult to maintain your current level of health that feeling better seems impossible?

You don’t have to live a life of limitation. You don’t have to settle.
Discover the secrets that have allowed so many diabetics to improve and reverse their type 2 diabetes through individualized treatment plans built to suit their bodies’ specific needs. With our innovative, breakthrough clinical approach, these proven results are attainable for you or your loved one. Break free from diabetes and start living the life you deserve today!

Imagine how your life could be if you didn’t have to

Constantly check your blood glucose levels in fear of developing complications that arise from chronically high sugars.
Spend countless amounts on expensive and dangerous treatments like prescription drugs or insulin, which never resolve your condition.
Live day in and day out plagued by chronic fatigue.
Face the reality of your steadily declining health.

Are you desperate for results that feel impossible?

It’s time to understand WHY you’ve developed type 2 diabetes, what variables have caused it, and what you can do to improve your health and change your life.

Traditional medicine uses the same set of progressive approaches to treat every patient. We create a plan unique to you and your body’s specific needs.

Has your doctor ever told you…

“It’s in your genes; you’re prone to it. There is nothing you could have done prevent the onset, and there is nothing you will ever be able to do to reverse it.”

“Regularly taking your medication is the key to slowing the progression of your diabetes and delaying the inevitable need for insulin therapy.”

“Type II diabetes is incurable.”


Well, we’re here to let the cat out of the bag. Fortunately, there is an even safer, more effective treatment solution that not only has the power to treat your condition but also the potential to reverse it entirely. Our innovative approach has achieved real, lasting results for thousands of type 2 diabetics sufferers nationwide. Now it’s your turn to take back the life you once loved.

Start Living a Life Free from the Limitations of Type 2 Diabetes.

Mainstream medicine will give you a generic treatment plan – the same treatment plan that is given to every other diabetic: a regimen of pills and injections that never truly solve the problem and never address the root cause of why you got sick in the first place. This form of “treatment” only masks the symptoms of your disease, covering up the unseen damage. The results provide little benefit and can actually pose a substantial risk to your health.
Prescription drugs and insulin can worsen your condition and cause irreversible damage to your body – all the while, never addressing the causative factors that initially led to the development of your type 2 diabetes.

It’s Time the Diabetic Community Knows the Truth About the Current Method of Treatment They’ve Been Prescribed.

Drugs and insulin therapy can, and often do, accelerate an already present and unstable insulin resistance that is occurs within your body.

Did you know?

Type 2 diabetics don’t lack the ability to produce enough insulin; rather, their bodies aren’t able to effectively utilize the insulin and avoid the dysregulation of sugars within the blood.

Don’t Damage Your Body.


Adding more insulin to the equation only enhances the turmoil happening within your body.
When you flood your body with an excess of insulin, you can cause serious damage that can be devastating to your long-term health.
Sometimes the damage done is so extensive that it can cause irreversible and even fatal consequences.

So why poison your system with an oversupply of insulin?


Excessive levels of insulin can cause:
weight gain
increased insulin resistance
high blood pressure
increased risk of cardiovascular disease
increased risk for developing certain cancers
Ineffective treatment plans often cause detrimental side effects – even death.

Get Real Results – Stop Simply Covering up Symptoms.


Discover our safer, more comprehensive approach that will FINALLY bring you the improvement you’ve been so desperate to find. Join the thousands of diabetics that are reversing their conditions. Get your life back.
Take control of your life and gain control over your diagnosis. Break free of your diabetes and crush the stereotype of this chronic condition.
Don’t accept a life sentence with diabetes any longer.

Our breakthrough clinical approach is drastically different.

There is more to consider in restoring your health than simply weight, diet, and genetics. It’s time to shed light on the lies that modern medicine has presented to you and learn about the dynamics of what is really causing your condition.
Our unique model of care will


Reduce or eliminate your need for costly prescription drugs and insulin.
Provide an accurate and full view of what changes are needed to help your body to heal in the way it was designed to.
Naturally increase your energy levels without the dependency on caffeine and other stimulants.
Reduce your risk for the irreversible damage that is so often caused by type 2 diabetes.
Help you to lose weight without having to hit the gym.
Help you feel happier and healthier than you have felt in years!
We help type 2 diabetics reverse their diagnoses by employing a comprehensive, individualized plan from assessment to delivery of treatment.
From the day you walk into our office, we will address YOUR current state of health and guide you on the path to recovery so that you never feel alone and are equipped to succeed.
Your health and happiness is our #1 priority.
We look beyond the label of your diagnosis and into your potential for health.

See What Our Patients Have to Say…

“I went to a diabetic dinner seminar with my sister, and it changed our lives. When I started my program, my A1C was 6.8. I had a fatty liver, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. I was on seven medications. I am now finished with my program, and my A1C is 5.6. On my last visit to my endocrinologist, he kept saying, ‘I’m totally blown away, I am so impressed with you. You are no longer a diabetic.’ My two doctors have taken me off all of my medications. I no longer have high cholesterol, a fatty liver, or high blood pressure.”

– Lucy Michaud

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